On February 16th, an exhibition named "Disco Inferno" will showcase the talents of Samantha Randall and NatasK from 6-9 pm at The Dollhouse at Pointe Foure Boutique. The awe-inspiring pieces of art, handcrafted bespoke sneakers, and unique style will captivate the audience. NatasK will entertain the crowd with live house music. Artist Samantha has decided to generously donate all the earnings from her Big Debut art sales to assist the Erie Animal Network & Orphan Angels. Additionally, NatasK and the Dollhouse will also contribute a portion of their sales to the same charitable cause. Attendees can anticipate indulging in delicious Sundae vegan desserts, immersing themselves in art, and dancing to the energetic disco rhythms. Come join the celebration and be a part of this heartwarming cause, creating an unforgettable evening of love and support.