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The first visual impression of a city is enormously important to the perception of that city’s livability and health.

To this end, EDP staff have a daily program of sidewalk maintenance that includes weeding in the warmer months and supplementing the efforts of property owners in keeping their sidewalks clear of snow in the winter, an effort that begins as early as 3 a.m. on many days.  Additionally, EDP staff assisted the Erie Parking Authority in removing snow mounds from sidewalks, allowing drivers and their passengers to more easily enter and exit their cars from sidewalk parking spaces.

Graffiti is another point of emphasis for EDP staff. Unwanted graffiti can depress property values, discourage shoppers and give the downtown area a shabby, un-cared for appearance.  EDP provides assistance to property owners wishing to remove graffiti by assisting them in graffiti cleanup.

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One of the key performance indicators of the vibrancy of central business districts is their ability to draw people to the urban core through special events.  Erie Downtown’s series of Block Parties and Bike Nights attracted more than 75,000 people to the downtown area during summer evenings in 2013.

This result was achieved completely through the generosity of sponsoring organizations; no membership money was spent to produce this series of events.  EDP would like to thank the following organizations for their support of this series of events: the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority (ECGRA), Harley Davidson of Erie, Erie Beer, UPMC Hamot, Erie Insurance Group, DJ Bill Page, Sidewalk Café, Connoisseur Media, LLC.

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EDP’s Gift Certificate Program boosts holiday season sales helping our membership base grow. We are proud to partner with each district's businesses in offering the program year after year.

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