Filling Place with Purpose

Buildings, streets, and fixtures become more than the sum of their parts when the become a place with purpose, like a symphony emerging from individual instruments aligned by harmony. The Erie Downtown Partnership works with businesses like Marquette Savings Bank and Erie Insurance, with organizations like Erie Arts and Culture and Visit Erie, and with downtown residents to enhance the downtown's identity and experience. We work to make this a place where everyone who visits can be healthy, happy, and inspired, but we also want visitors and residents alike to experience our story and our unique identity.

When you visit places downtown we want you to get the feeling that you're in a great place. Whether you've come for the summer Celebrate Erie festival or the winter D'Lights tree lighting, this should feel welcoming. If you're walking from your office at Renaissance Centre to get lunch at Food Truck Row or come during the weekend to bike the waterfront, we want you to find something to do that brings you joy. 


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