Project RFPs

Project RFPs

From time to time the EDP has the need to contract with professionals to inform and complete a community development project. All open Request for Proposals will be added to this page.



Submission Deadline: September 10, 2021

 About this project: The Erie Downtown Partnership (EDP) is accepting proposals for the preparation of Design Guidelines and Standards for the built environment of downtown Erie, PA.

Detailed information on the services required by the Erie Downtown Partnership as part of this project are outlined in a “Request for Proposals” (RFP). Contractors interested in submitting a proposal may obtain a copy of the RFP by contacting the Erie Downtown Partnership at or (814) 455-3743, Monday through Friday, 8:30 AM through 5:30 PM.

RFP and Further Details Proposed Erie District Map

Proposals must be received by the Erie Downtown Partnership via email no later than 5:00 PM, September 10, 2021. Proposals will not be accepted after this deadline.

The Erie Downtown Partnership reserves the right to reject any or all proposals, or parts thereof, at their discretion, conduct negotiations, and request oral presentations. EDP encourages responses from minority and women business enterprises. No individual or firm responding to this notice will be discriminated against because of race, religion, handicap, sex, or national origin. EDP is an equal opportunity employer.