Looking for Inspiration?

Galleries Galore

Peruse the curated collections of the Erie Art Museum. See the stage performances of the Erie Playhouse. Experience the Erie Philharmonic in the historic Warner Theater. Catch an edgy, late night play at PACA. Or discover the dozen small galleries, performance venues, and niche collections of creators that are on almost every other block of downtown Erie. Cultivate your soul.

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Feeling peckish?

Eat Well to Be Well

Booking a brunch with old friends? Treating yourself to lunch on your day off? Grabbing dinner and drinks before a show? Our restaurants will satiate your hunger and slake your thirst. Whether you join the Erie Club for exceptional cuisine, or drop by the Jekyll & Hyde gastropub for something with a twist, it's all downtown. Whether one meal a day or three (or four?) we've got Thai, Indian, Irish pub far, fish tacos, and prime steak. The world is your oyster (we have those, too) and you get to pick your pearl. 

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Need some family time?

We Feel You

Families around the county come downtown to see the Bayhawks, the Otters, and the Seawolves (especially on buck night). The Children's Museum is located next to the Erie Art Museum and offers four floors for families to explore. Kids and parents can even get involved in the action at the Erie Playhouse or one of the other arts, dance, or maker studios. The Blasco Library's kids' section looks out on the Brig Niagara dock, and has a brand new Teen Center, as well as the Idea Lab where families can learn all kinds of skills. And that doesn't even touch on all the annual festivals held around Perry Square. 

Family fun awaits

Wanna Party?

Cool kids never sleep

Look we'll level with you, it's not Vegas, but it's still pretty rad down here. After the Bourbon Barrel hosts Film Grain dinners & a movie, they convert back to a great downtown club with an impressive liquor selection. The Cloud 9 Wine Bar has local wines on draft and an impressive rotating menu. And if you just need to get some coffee late, Cake Zen is open until 1:00 a.m. with coffee and pastries. You might want to swing by a happy hour, or catch an evening performance, either way this downtown doesn't shut down. 

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Going Shopping?

Can't buy happiness, but you can buy local

Downtowns around America, including Erie, are attracting customer in need of local products. Big box stores are everywhere, but your local merchants have spent serious time and energy carving out their niche. Keep your dollars in the community and buy local.

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