Innovation District

The Secure Smart City

The Erie Innovation District has distinguished Erie as a leading metro in *secure* smart city technology. As IoT and data increasingly dominate decision making, the need to protect devices and information becomes paramount, especially civic tech. In cooperation with the City of Erie, Mercyhurst University's Intelligence School, Gannon University's Institute for Health and Cyber Knowledge, and Penn State Behrend's Engineering school and Knowledge Park manufacturing campus, Erie has become a city-wide R&D platform. 

Already, the Secure Erie Accelerator has become an internationally known program, successfully attracting, accelerating, and funding smart city technology startups. Located at the HQ of Velocity Networks, a local telecom corporation located in Erie for 30 years, the EID is embedded with and engaging the region's tech companies for unified investment in the secure smart city industry. 

Secure Erie Accelerator


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