LIVE-WORK-ERIE Homebuyer Assistance Grants

Posted: June 8, 2015 2:34 pm


LIVE-WORK-ERIE is a homebuyer assistance program sponsored by the Erie Neighborhood Growth Partnership (an affiliate of the Erie Redevelopment Authority).   This initiative is designed to encourage those who work within the City of Erie to become city homeowners.  “Live-Work Erie” will award small homebuyer assistance grants which will match the buyer’s down payment by up to $3,000 and must be used towards closing costs, including settlement charges and pre-paid items, such as taxes and insurance.  Applicants must be employed in the City, be purchasing a home in certain target areas of the City and be within a specific percentage of Erie’s median family income.


You can find a full description of the program in the Live-Work-Erie.Brochure.  Interested persons can certainly contact the Erie Redevelopment Authority for additional information and an application.